Evyn Caiazza

“I already have a promotion offer from the current company I work for (UWorld) to be a Senior Illustrator just because I will have an MFA in Design.”

Evyn Caiazza | M.F.A. Visual Communication Design

Current job: Scientific Illustrator at UWorld

Kent State graduate student Evyn Caiazza is passionate about interactive educational design and was looking to expand her skills in UX/UI design and general graphic design. Her undergraduate degree had her get her job as a full-time scientific illustrator, but she wanted to be able to offer her clients more.

Kent State University is one of only three universities in the state to offer and M.A. in Visual Communication Design and the first to offer an M.F.A.

"I am taking my time completing my degree not only because I am working full time, but because I want to put my best self forward for my thesis because I care about my research so deeply," Caiazza said. "I feel that the things I have to say about my topic matter and I want to ensure that I am taking care of myself in the process. This is a skill that I will carry through the rest of my life."


Evyn Caiazza is currently a Scientific Illustrator, and says that her work towards her M.F.A. has given her the assurance to follow the paths that bring her happiness and that give her a sense of professional and creative satisfaction, not merely to pursue the courses that are expected of her. This independent spirit has allowed her to try new things and has widened her perspectives.

"My mother, Maureen Drinkard, has a PhD in Ecology from KSU and wrote the content for 'Well Actually... I am Not a Bee' while I am the illustrator. I never thought that this could be a path I could take, but because of this program, I can expand on what else I am capable of."    

Advice for future graduate students:

“I was under the assumption when I started that it would be design focused, but I was able to make adjustments to my interests. The faculty in the program are more than willing to work with you to figure out how to make the most of your experiences at KSU.”