Lynette Seelmeyer

“Kent State stood out to me as the perfect choice for several reasons. There is a real emphasis on two things that are very important to me: rigorous scholarship and a commitment to social justice."

Lynette Seelmeyer | Master of Library and Information Science

Current job: Part-Time Circulation Department, Colorado

For Kent State graduate student Lynette Seelmeyer, Kent State University was not only a place to build a strong professional and academic network, it also gave her the freedom to pursue her Master of Library and Information Science degree at her own pace and from her own home – in Colorado.

“Kent State makes it very easy to pursue and MLIS from a logistical standpoint. The iSchool classes are online, giving me the freedom to study at times that fit in with the rest of my life and from my home in Colorado, things that were not possible before the advent of online master's programs. Kent State is also very affordable, which gave me the opportunity to enroll in a top program at a nearly in-state tuition level, something not routinely possible in other programs, and certainly not at programs closer to home. ”

Seelmeyer has her eye set on an academic library setting, yet she sees the degree as offering a wide range of opportunities. "The goal is to end up working in a cultural heritage institution such as a library, museum, archive, or special library or collection, but the breadth and depth of the research and problem-solving skills gained in this degree are invaluable in a number of different settings and careers because of their flexibility."

Master of Library and Information Science CCI Graduate Programs

"I have learned that I can be flexible in what I pursue," Seelmeyer says, "because an MLIS degree is, at the end of the day, a degree in information seeking, information organization, and detailed problem-solving and these skills are highly valued in today's job market." And this has led her to push herself. "Sometimes ... past my comfort level academically, but I knew I had the support to do that and the result is that I won the Mary T. Kim scholarship last year for library leadership and research potential."

Advice for future graduate students: “The best advice I can give anyone thinking about joining the Kent State MLIS program is to ask questions and seek collaboration opportunities. And get involved! I am the Vice President of the Kent State American Library Association student chapter in addition to being a student member of both ALA and the Colorado Association of Libraries, and being involved with all of these things, especially our student ALA chapter, has been both invaluable and really enjoyable!”