Asher Kain

"When I started the program, I worked as a junior designer for my company. The program gave me a comprehensive understanding of the user experience design process and equipped me with the necessary skills to transition from a junior designer to a senior UX/UI role within the same company.”

Asher Kain, M.S. User Experience Design

Current role: UX/UI Designer, Charity Dynamics

For Asher Kain, the Master of Science degree in User Experience Design has given him the opportunity to build an impressive portfolio of work through its project-based curriculum and helped him develop case studies that showcased his skills and knowledge.

"The most significant lesson I learned from the University's M.S. in User Experience Design program is the importance of user research," Kain said. "The program emphasized the value of gathering insights from users at every stage of the design process, from initial ideation to final testing. As UX Designer at a leading digital marketing agency, I continue to prioritize user research in my work. The program helped me understand that designing for users requires a deep understanding of their needs and behaviors, and that research is the key to achieving this understanding."

M.S. in User Experience Design CCI Graduate Programs

Kain continued, "After researching various universities and programs, I ultimately chose Kent State University for its exceptional M.S. in User Experience Design program. The curriculum covers everything from user research to interface design to usability testing. Additionally, the faculty consists of industry experts who bring real-world experience to the classroom....I am grateful for the opportunities and support provided by the program and am excited to see where my portfolio will take me next."

Advice for future graduate students:

“Take advantage of every opportunity the program offers. Participate in collaborative projects and make connections with fellow students in the field. Additionally, prioritize your coursework and take advantage of the expertise of the faculty. By fully engaging with the program, you will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the field of UX design and achieve your career goals.”