Cultural Heritage Informatics - Ph.D. in Communication & Information

Cultural heritage informatics (CHI) is an emerging field of interdisciplinary research and practice concerned with the role of information and computing technologies (ICTs) to support the creation, capture, organization, and pluralization of culture, in whatever form, as heritage. While there is a focus on existing data, datasets, and metadata and ways to link them, CHI also necessarily includes identification and exploration into appraisal, data capture, preservation, data processing, curation, forensics and reconstruction, visualization, documentation, access and discoverability, as well as development of innovative technologies to empower and support engagement with ICTs as tools for communication and remembering of culture. The outcomes of this work include identification, exploration, and extension of systems and frameworks (including standards, policy, technology, legal, and organizational requirements) across multiple stakeholders, including researchers, cultural heritage institutions, professional communities, and creators.

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