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Interpersonal Communication - Ph.D. in Communication & Information

Students specializing in interpersonal communication will be prepared to conduct research and teach in an academic institution and/or as a communication specialist in an organizational setting. Faculty conduct research on such topics as privacy management, family communication, communication via social media, social cognition, learning from regretted messages, social support, communication in health settings, and intercultural communication.

Core Faculty

  • Dr. Bihn-Coss
    Assistant Professor
    Kent State Tuscarawas
  • Jeffrey T. Child
    Associate Professor
    Taylor Hall 101B
    (330) 672-2659
    Family Management, New Communication Technologies, Privacy Management, Social Media Use
  • Nichole Egbert
    Taylor Hall 167
    Health Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Health Literary, Social Support, Spirituality/Religiosity, social support in health contexts, Health & Spirituality
  • Elizabeth Graham
    Director & Professor
    Taylor Hall 201L
    communication in reconstituted families; instructional communication; measurement and data analytic issues; trends in communication research
  • Janet Meyer
    Associate Professor
    Taylor Hall 157
    Regretted Messages, Persuasion, Cognitive Models
  • Paul Sommer
    Assistant Professor
    Kent State Stark
    Organizational Communication, Information and Knowledge Management, Organizational Exit, Uncertainty Theories, Instructional Communication, Management/Leadership, English, and Concrete Construction
  • Christine Hudak
    Professor & Health Informatics Concentration Coordinator
    Health Informatics Management and Policy, Organizational Theory, Educational Evaluation, Society and Technology