Internship Logistics and Requirements

CCI Internship Requirements and Contacts

While internships are requirements for many CCI majors and programs, many students and their employers have found positive internship experiences to be an essential step in their career preparation.  

Many of our schools have specific internship criteria and processes.  Visit each school’s specific internship web pages or contact the internship coordinator for your program before starting your internship to make sure you’ve met all of the necessary requirements.

School Degree Requirement? Coordinator Name Requirements

Communication Studies (COMM)


Aaron Bacue


See COMM Internship Requirements


Emerging Media and Technology (EMAT)


Adam Stephens

Coming Soon

Information (iSchool)

Optional (as part of as elective or culminating experience)

Janna Korzenko

See Individual Degree Requirements

Media & Journalism (Journalism)

Yes, all undergraduate majors

Mitch McKenney

See Internship Requirements

Media & Journalism (Public Relations)

Yes, all undergraduate majors

Stefanie Moore

See Internship Requirements

Media & Journalism (Advertising)

Yes, all undergraduate majors

Evan Bailey

See Internship Requirements

Media & Journalism (Digital Media Production)


Mitch McKenney

See Internship Requirements

Visual Communication Design (VCD)

Yes, all undergraduate majors

Gretchen Rinnert

See VCD Internship Requirements


Finding a Quality Internship

Here are just a few resources for starting your path to landing an internship.  Your school or advisor may be able to point you to additional resources.

  • Browse Flash at Work: Many employers list their internship opportunities on Kent State’s student job board.

  • Make an appointment with Kent State Career Development & Exploration: they can help you prepare your resume and identify internship opportunities.

  • Contact your school’s internship coordinator (above):  internship coordinators commonly receive internship opportunities before anyone else

  • Attend a job or career fair (various times throughout the year): many of the companies represented at Kent State career fairs have internship opportunities for students.  CCI holds its own Career Expo and resume workshops throughout the year.  We’ll announce dates to students on the web and via email.

Have an internship opportunity for a CCI student?  Get in touch with one of the internship/career coordinators above and they’ll help share the opportunity with our students!