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Radiation Therapy Program

A Radiation Therapist is a health care professional who administers therapeutic doses of radiation to cancer patients by using specialized high energy treatment units. These treatments may be given either externally or internally as temporary or permanent radioactive implants.

Additionally, radiation therapists perform simulations where the tumor is mapped out or localized by obtaining specific types of images most commonly utilizing a CT unit. A radiation therapist also performs calculations and fabricates various devices to aid in the delivery of treatment. Radiation Therapists have close patient contact daily so the profession is quite people oriented as well as technically oriented due to the sophistication of the various types of treatment and simulation units. A radiation therapist may further their education and become a dosimetrist that performs computerized treatment planning to maximize the dose to the tumor while minimizing the dose to the normal structures. 

Application Deadline: April 1

For more information contact: Victoria Migge, M.S, R.T. (R)(T) Program Director, Radiation Therapy Program Kent State University at Salem 2491 State Route 45 South Salem, OH 44460

Phone: 330-337-4133 Fax: 330-337-4255 E-mail: vmigge@kent.edu

Online Applications are accepted until April 1, 2019

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