Billing and Payment Information

DeWeese Health Center provides billing and payment options for insured and self-pay patients.

Contact the DeWeese Central Billing Office at 330-672-8251 if you have questions regarding:

  • The cost of medical services. 
  • Student account health center charges. 
  • Insurance coverage. 
  • Out-of-pocket expenses. 
  • Making a payment. 

Insured patients

For Kent State students, faculty or staff who have health insurance coverage and elect to use it for services rendered at the DeWeese Health Center, the center will submit claims to all insurance companies, regardless of our network participation.

Self-pay patients

For self-pay patients, who either do not have health insurance or elect not to use their health insurance, we offer affordable self-pay rates in our medical clinics. 
Charges are payable at the time of service. Eligible students may add health center charges to their Kent State student account.

Copay, co-insurance and deductibles

Patients are responsible for copayments, deductibles and co-insurance as indicated on the insurance explanation of payment.   

  • Students: We will charge the balance due to your student account after your insurance company has processed your claim. 
  • Faculty/staff: We will mail a billing statement if a patient balance remains after the insurance has processed your claim. 
  • The DeWeese Health Center accepts cash, Visa/Mastercard and Discover. Please call 330-672-8251 to make a payment with your HSA/FSA credit card. 

Laboratory services

The DeWeese Health Center contracts with Quest Diagnostics as a reference lab for all tests that cannot be performed at the center. Quest will bill your insurance directly. You will receive a statement from Quest for the patient responsibility portion of your laboratory charges. This is separate from any charges you may receive from the DeWeese Health Center. 


The DeWeese Health Center Pharmacy can submit prescription claims to CVS Caremark and the university's Student Health Insurance Program plan. The DeWeese Health Center Pharmacy offers competitive self-pay pricing for most prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.