Parent Information

Parents of New Students

Please review your student’s medical history with them before he/she leaves for KSU:

  • Current medications, dosage and reason for taking
  • Any allergies to medicines and the reaction
  • Significant past medical and family history

Health Insurance

If your student has health insurance, provide them with an insurance card or copy of the card and review the use of the card with your student.

  • ID number
  • Group number
  • Name and date of birth of the policy holder
  • Plan requirements, such as referrals, authorizations, or use of an HMO network
  • Approved pharmacies for prescription insurance

Please be aware that under HIPAA regulations, we cannot discuss your student’s medical conditions with you once they are 18 years of age without the student’s permission.

If your student is less than 18 years of age at the start of the semester we will require either verbal or written permission from you to treat the student.

If you would like to complete and sign a medical history form (PDF), we could add it to your son/daughter’s electronic medical chart so that when they arrive at the health center for an appointment, we will not have to delay their care by calling to get your permission to treat.  After you have completed and signed the medical history form, fax it to our Medical Records Department 330-672-2272.

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