Medical Records

Medical records are maintained in a secure electronic format and conform to all state and federal regulations for the storage of medical data.

The DeWeese Health Center maintains accreditation by the AAAHC and follows all recommended medical records standards.

If you are age 18 or over, we cannot give out any verbal, written or copied information without your consent, except in situations maintained by law. This includes your parents, family doctor or professors.

Releasing Records

You must sign an Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information document before our medical staff can release any information. This includes speaking to another person about your treatment or care, i.e., parent(s), professors, etc. Copies of this Release of Protected Health Information document are available at the DeWeese Health Center. You can find an electronic version of this document on the patient portal, or you can download a copy from the link below.  

Download the release of Information (PDF)

A nominal fee may be charged for reproduction of records in order to cover expenses. 

The health center cannot release records that have been sent to us from another facility. The patient must go to that facility directly to obtain those records.