International Student Hard Waiver Program



Activate your insurance OR request a waiver during the open enrollment period: Currently pending approval from the State of Ohio Board of Insurance.

Activate Coverage or Request a Waiver

Please submit your supporting waiver information to, including your full name, KSU ID number, and documentation of health insurance coverage.

What is an international student hard waiver program?

Kent State requires international students to carry health insurance which meets specific coverage requirements. The student is billed for the full cost of single coverage under the university’s student health insurance plan each semester. Students who meet the criteria below may request a waiver of this fee. Waiver requests will be granted if the student provides proof that they have an active health insurance policy that meets the university’s coverage requirements.

International students who have full financial sponsorship of a government agency including health insurance must submit a copy of their financial guarantee to the Financial, Billing and Enrollment Center. A financial guarantee that covers the current academic semester must be on file before a waiver can be applied to your student account. Waivers are applied weekly.

When will international students be billed for the cost of single coverage under the student health insurance plan through UnitedHealthcare?

The Office of Global Education will assess the Spring premium on the student accounts. Waiver requests must be submitted during the open enrollment period which is from July 22, 2024- September 13, 2024. Go to UnitedHealthcare to submit a waiver request.

International students who have applied for waivers in previous semesters will need to apply again.

What are the criteria to be eligible to request a waiver?

    Any international student may request a waiver of this fee if:

(a)  The student provides proof of full sponsorship by a government agency including health insurance, or

(b)  The student provides proof of health insurance provided by a United States employer

What are the coverage requirements the international student’s insurance policy must meet?

  • The insurance plan must be provided by a company licensed to do business in the U.S. with a U.S. claims office address, U.S. claims phone number, and insurance plan information available in English.  Short term travel insurance does not qualify.  Reimbursement programs (includes reimbursement vouchers from home governments or their U.S. based consulates) do not qualify.  Cost sharing schemes do not qualify.
  • Plan provides coverage, unconditionally, for pre-existing conditions.
  • The plan must provide inpatient and outpatient care.  This includes office visits and behavioral health visits.
  • Plan must have a deductible not exceeding $500 per person per policy year.
  • The plan must provide major medical benefits of at least $500,000 in coverage per sickness or injury.
  • The plan’s total out-of-pocket costs may not exceed $5,000 per policy year.
  • Plan must provide pharmacy benefits.
  • Plan must provide maternity benefits.
  • Plan must provide mental health benefits.

Emergency care coverage or travel insurance does NOT meet the coverage requirements and does NOT qualify for a fee waiver.

Who determines if an international student has met the requirements for comparable coverage under another health plan?

Kent State University determines whether an international student has met the requirements for comparable coverage.   The online waiver site is pre-programmed to evaluate a student’s waiver application based on the criteria provided by Kent State.  This online waiver site is administered by UnitedHealthcare’s Partner Center.

What information does an international student need to complete the waiver request?

Prior to beginning the online waiver request, the student should have

  1. Health insurance card
  2. Health insurance plan description or brochure
  3. Kent State ID

For assistance contact: DeWeese Health Center Insurance & Billing at 330-672-8251 or email