Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

The health insurance plan available for KSU students during the policy year 2024-2025 is provided by UnitedHealthcare Student Resources.

International students​

  • Mandatory requirement​: student is enrolled in one credit hour or more and attends a KSU campus

  • Waiver information and enrollment website:

Domestic students​

  • Eligibility requirements​

    • Undergraduates must be enrolled in 6 or more credit hours​

    • Graduate Students must be enrolled for 3 or more credit hours

    • The student must actively attend classes for at least the first 31 days after the date which coverage is purchased. Home study, correspondence, and online courses do not fulfill the eligibility requirements that the student actively attend classes.

  • Enrollment is voluntary, domestic students do not have to opt out of coverage​

  • Domestic enrollment website:

Graduate Assistants

  • Please contact your department for eligibility and health insurance enrollment information​

  • GA’s must use this enrollment website for subsidized premium rates:

  • Policy premium is payable directly to UHCSR vis secure payment link

Fall 2024 Student Health Insurance Open Enrollment & Waiver Period

  • Pending approval from the State Board of Insurance.



The policy rate tables for 2024-2025 policy periods are pending approval with the State Board of Insurance. 


Policy rate tables from 2023-2024 are listed below.

Insured Category: Domestic Students
Insured category: Domestic StudentsAnnual1st Special- for early arriving students onlyFallSpecial Coverage PeriodSpring/SummerSummer
Coverage Period8/21/2023-8/20/20248/01/2023-8/20/20238/21/2023-1/15/20241/01/2024-1/15/20241/16/2024-8/20/20245/01/2024-8/20/2024
Policy Premium$2,904.00$159.00$1,174.00$119.00$1,730.00$889.00
Domestic enrollment website:
Insured Category: International Students
Insured category: International Students1st SpecialFallSpring 1ESL Fall 1Spring/SummerESL Spring 2Summer
Coverage Period8/01/2023-1/15/20248/21/2023-1/15/20241/01/2024-8/20/202410/16/2023-1/15/20241/16/2024-8/20/20243/11/2024-8/20/20245/01/2024-8/20/2024
Policy Premium$1,333.00$1,174.00$1,849.00$730.00$1,730.00$1,293.00$889.00
International Enrollment & Waiver website:
Insured Category: Graduate Assistant
Insured category: Graduate AssistantAnnual1st SpecialSpecial Coverage PeriodFallSpring 1Spring/SummerSummer
Coverage Period8/21/2023-8/20/20248/01/2023-1/15/20248/01/2023-8/20/20248/21/2023-1/15/20241/01/2024-8/20/20241/16/2024-8/20/20245/01/2024-8/20/2024
Policy Premium$2,904.00$1,333.00$3,063.00$1,174.00$1,849.00$1,730.00$889.00
GA Responsibility (30%)$871.20$399.90$918.90$352.20$554.70$519.00$266.70
Graduate Assistant enrollment website:

For questions or concerns pertaining to the UnitedHealthcare policy, contact:

  • UnitedHealthcare Student Resources at 1-800-767-0700, or
  • DeWeese Health Center at 330-672-8251 or email