EHHS Scholarship Tips & FAQs

  1. To apply for College of Education, Health and Human Services (EHHS) specific scholarships you will need to be admitted and enrolled in the semester the scholarship application is made.
  2. EHHS offers two scholarship application periods, one in fall (for subsequent spring tuition aid) and one again in spring (for subsequent academic year awards).
  3. We offer three types of awards, merit (GPA and service) and financial need (based on FAFSA and our EHHS need statement); for study abroad scholarships you must be accepted and scheduled to study abroad.
  4. The student scholarship portal will only accept Word or PDF documents, no Google docs!
    1. I am often asked if it is possible to submit the same essay for multiple scholarships. My answer is yes but be thoughtful of the essay prompt. Perhaps it is best to create a template from which you can edit to best respond to each individual prompt/question. Get help! Be compelling.
    2. The portal is not really phone friendly, to ensure your application is uploaded use a laptop or desktop computer.
  5. When will I know if I received a scholarship?
    1. Our best intention is to inform students prior to the end of the semester to assist them in planning their future academic budget.
  6. How will I be informed if I receive a scholarship award?
    1. The scholarship administrator will send a high priority (!) email with the name of the scholarship in the subject line. Read carefully, there may be important information regarding next steps. Some scholarships require a Student Online Donor Acknowledgement (SODA) or thank you note. Your funds will not disperse until that has been completed.
    2. Be sure to check your student bursar account to ensure your scholarship award has been applied. Please send any questions to the scholarship administrator who sent the award email.