The Plan

Priority: Students First

  • Strategy 1.1: Pursue systematic curricular innovation and excellence
  • Strategy 1.2: Support, expand, and evaluate student success initiatives designed to improve persistence, retention, and graduation rates, as well as student well-being in EHHS
  • Strategy 1.3: Recruit and retain diverse faculty, staff, and students
  • Strategy 1.4: Engage in ongoing analyses of curriculum (and programs) in EHHS and assess program viability and stability

Priority: Community Building and Communications

  • Strategy 2.1: Build and maintain partnerships with community agencies, healthcare organizations, school districts, and/or corporations
  • Strategy 2.2: Engage students, parents, alumni, friends, corporations, and partners of EHHS by storytelling through various media
  • Strategy 2.3: Enhance the climate of the college, ensuring a welcoming environment of collegiality and mutual respect
  • Strategy 2.4: Enhance the navigability and awareness of college structures, resources, processes, and media
  • Strategy 2.5: Improve internal communication of the college to ensure information is distributed effectively

Priority: Global Engagement

  • Strategy 3.1: Create and support internships, study abroad, study away, or global education experiences in every program that prepare students for global citizenship
  • Strategy 3.2: Establish and celebrate college climate created from the blend of diverse cultures, beliefs, and identities of our faculty, staff, and students
  • Strategy 3.3: Identify, increase, and deepen external partnerships to strengthen and sustain our commitments to preparing students for global citizenship
  • Strategy 3.4: Promote programs that attract future leaders from across the globe to study, learn, and exchange experiences

Priority: Research Stature and Reputation

  • Strategy 4.1: Enhance the visibility of EHHS research activity
  • Strategy 4.2: Increase opportunities for collaborations across the college, university, and community to better utilize existing resources and to impact scholarship
  • Strategy 4.3: Increase the number of funding submissions that include indirect costs and student support

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