SPED DFED (Undergraduate)

SPA A# CAEP Type Title of Assessment Assessment Course Data Location
1 Licensure OAE (004; 044; 090) N/A Portal
2 (Content) Deaf Child-Family Study SPED 43309 Taskstream
3 (Content) Literacy Project SPED 43313 Taskstream
4 Clinical Experience Student Teaching Evaluation SPED 49525 Portal
5 (Planning) Curriculum-Based Management SPED 43324 Taskstream
7 (Content) IEP and Transition Plan Development SPED 43311 Taskstream
8 (Content) Family Collaboration Project SPED 43010 Taskstream
6a (Content) Phonemics I: Identifying Auditory Status SPED 43306 Taskstream
6b (Content) Phonemics II: Listening and Listening and Language Development SPED 43307 Taskstream
N/A Completer Value Added/OTES (if available) N/A ODHE EPPR
N/A Employer KSU Employer Survey/Study N/A Qualtrics
N/A National EdTPA SPED 49525 Portal
N/A Disposition Disposition - 3 SPED 43981 Portal
N/A Disposition Disposition - 2 SPED 43392 Portal
N/A Disposition Disposition - 1 CULT 29535 Portal
ODHE Completer ODHE Resident Educator Survey N/A ODHE EPPR
ODHE Exit (Pre-Completer) ODHE Pre-Service Survey N/A ODHE EPPR