Ph.D. in English - Dissertations and Job Placement


Alghamdi, Hana, "Pathways of Migrant Identity Maintenance and Revision: An Analysis of Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits and the Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears." Dissertation Director: Mark Bracher.

Berkemeier, Caleb, "The Affirmation of Blindness: A Nietzschean Critique of Interpretations of Suffering from Disability." Dissertation Director: Sara Newman.

Brust, Annie, "Tolkien's Transformative Women: Art in Triptych." Dissertation Director: Christopher Roman.

Yamany, Nisreen Mohammad Amien, Dissertation Title: "Countering Prejudice toward Muslim Women through Literature." Dissertation Director: Mark Bracher. Dr. Yamany is an Associate Professor at Umm Al-Qura University (Saudi Arabia).


Abu Shal, Abdulrahman Faisal, “Conspiracy Theory and Conspiracism in Postwar Literature.” Dissertation Director: Tammy Clewell.

Almarhabi Sr, Maeed Mohammad, Dissertation Title: "Displacement and Dispossession: Cultural Trauma and the Formation of Palestinian National Identity in Palestinian-American Writing." Dissertation Director: Babacar M'Baye. Dr. Almarhabi is an English Language instructor at Umm Al-Qura University (Saudi Arabia).

Brooks, Allison Marie, “An Atlas of a Difficult World System: A Marxist Feminist Reading of Adrienne Rich’s Poetry and Prose.” Dissertation: Director: Tammy Clewell.

Zullo, Valentino L, “Freudian Strips: Comics, Mental Health, And The 'Psychologization Of America.'” Dissertation Director: Vera Camden.  Dr. Zullo is the Anisfield-Wolf Postdoctoral Fellow in English and the Public Humanities at Ursuline College.


Alnawaiseh, Ali M.,  “Natural Disasters and Citizenship: Belonging Through Ecology in African American Writing.” Dissertation Directors: Babacar M’Baye and Ryan Hediger.

Mason, April L., “Enhancing Social Cognition and Promoting Social Justice: Teaching Literature in the Developmental Classroom.” Dissertation Director: Mark Bracher.


Aqeeli, Ammar Abduh, "The Nation of Islam's Perception of Black Consciousness in the Works of Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, and Other Writers of the Black Arts Movement." Advisors: Babacar M'Baye and Yoshinobu Hakutani. Dr. Aqeeli is an Assistant Professor at Jazan University. 

Hindi, Hanan, "Postcolonial Palestinians in Ghassan Kanafani's Works: Men in the Sun, All That's Left to You and Returning to Haifa." Advisor: Babacar M'Baye. Dr. Hindi is an Admission Specialist at Northwestern University-Qatar.

Kim, Heejung, The Other American Poetry and Modernist Poetics: Richard Wright, Jack Kerouac, Sonia Sanchez, James Emanuel, and Lenard Moore. Advisor: Yoshinobu Hakutani. Dr. Kim is an Associate Professor of English at Sookmyung Women's University in Seoul, South Korea

Melick, Elizabeth H, "Four Middle English Roland Romances: An Edition of Poems Drawn from Medieval Manuscripts." Advisor: Susanna Fein. Dr. Ponder Melick, recipient of the department's 2019 Toerne Dissertation Award, is an Assistant Professor at Northwest Florida State College. 

Owens, Wendy Michelle, "Identity and the In-Between Space in Transracial Adoptee Literature: Making Space for the Missing Voice." Advisor: Babacar M'Baye. Dr. Owens is a Certified Home School Assessor and Curriculum Advisor in Boardman, Ohio.


Laffey, Seth Edward, "The Letters of Edwin Arlington Robinson: A Digital Edition (1889-1895)." Advisor: Paul Gaston. Dr. Laffey is an Assistant Professor of English at the American University in Dubai.

Lin, Yu-Fang, "The Cultural Construction of Taiwan in the Literatures of Taiwan, China, and the United States." Advisors: Babacar M'Baye and Masood Raja. Dr. Lin's is the recipient of the department's 2018 Toerne Dissertation Award. 

MacDonald, Sarah Nicole, "Working Women's Life Writing and Authorial Competency." Advisors: Margaret Shaw and Sara Newman.


Ghashmari, Ahmad, "Humanizing the posthuman in Powers, Wallace, Gibson and DeLillo." Advisor: Tammy Clewell. Dr. Ghashmari is an Assistant Professor in the English Language Institute at Bellevue College, Washington.

McCracken, Heather, "Creating postcolonial national heroes: The revisionist myths of W.B. Yeats and Jame Joyces." Advisor: Claire Culleton. Dr. McCracken is an Instructor in the English Department at Winona State College, Minnesota.

Alzoubi, Mamoun, "Richard Wright's trans-nationalism: New dimensions to modern American expatriate literature." Advisors: Yoshinobu Hakutani & Babacar M'Baye.

Albalawi, Mohammed, ``Read to change: The role Arabic literature can play to redress the damage of stereotyping Arabs in American media." Advisor: Babacar M'Baye. Dr. Albalawi is an Assistant Professor of English at Jeddah University in Saudi Arabia.

Murray, Joshua, "No definite destination: Transnational liminality in Harlem Renaissance lives and writings." Advisor: Babacar M'Baye. Dr. Murray is an Assistant Professor of English (tenure track) at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina.

Taylor, Rebekah, "Anthropocene Modernisms: Ecological Expressions of the `Human Age' in Eliot, Williams, Toomer and Woolf." Advisors: Kevin Floyd and Ryan Hediger. Dr. Taylor-Wiseman is an Assistant Professor of English (tenure track) at Brenau University in Atlanta, Georgia.


Pahlau, Randi, “Hospitality and the natural world within an ecotheological context in William Shakespeare's Much ado about Nothing and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.” Advisor: Vera Camden. num=kent1448050811. Dr. Pahlau is an Assistant Professor of English, tenure track, at Malone University in Canton, Ohio.

Thorndike, Colleen, “Constructing womanhood: The influence of conduct books on gender performance and ideology of womanhood in American women’s novels, 1865-1914.” (Spring 2015) Advisors: Robert Trogdon and Wesley Raabe. num=kent1428755452. Dr. Thorndike is an Instructor in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Mississippi.

Stoffer, Heidi, "Nostalgia and materialism: Negotiating modernity through houses in Wharton, Fitzgerald and Cather." Advisor: Tammy Clewell. num=kent1429543427. Dr. Stoffer is an adjunct professor at Baldwin Wallace University.

Tangedal, Ross, “A most pleasant business: Introducing authorship in Twentieth Century American literature.” Advisor: Robert Trogdon. num=kent1429287330. Dr. Tangedal is an Assistant Professor, tenure track, in the Department of English at the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point.


WagonerElizabeth, "Interpreting the multimodal novel: A new method of textual scholarship." Advisor: Ray Craig. Dr. Wagoner is an Instructor in the English Department at Kent State University.

Johnson, Seth, "History, myth and secularism across the borderlands: The work of Michael Chabon." Advisor: Lewis Fried. Dr. Johnson is an Instructor in the English Departments at Kent State University and Cleveland State University.

Moses, Geoffrey, "The lack of a future: Utopian absence and longing in Twentieth- and Twenty-First- Century American fiction." Advisor: Kevin Floyd.


Oztan, Meltem, "Indelible Legacies: Transgenerational Trauma and Therapeutic Ancestral Reconciliation in Kindred, The Chaneysville Incident, Stigmata and The Known World."  Advisor: Willie H. Harrell. Dr. Oztan-Meli is a member of the faculty for the Office of International Affairs and Global Strategies at the University of Central Florida. 

Hanes, Stacie, "The sense and sensibility of the 19th-Century fantastic." Advisors: Kathe Davis and Margaret Shaw. Dr. Hanes is an Adjunct Instructor at Youngstown State University. 

Hall, Alexander C. O., "Reel Hope: Literature and the Utopian Function of Adaptation." Advisor: Willie Harrell, Jr. Dr. Hall is an Adjunct Instructor at Kent State University. 

Ray, Sohomjit, "Neoliberalism and Same-Sex Desire in the Fiction and Public Cultures of India after 1991." Advisor: Kevin Floyd. Dr. Ray is an Assistant Professor, tenure track, at College of Staten Island (CUNY). 


Graduation Year
Yeonmin Kim 2013 Chonnam National University, South Korea, TT
Jason Ellis 2012 New York City College of Technology (CUNY), TT
Masaya Takeuchi 2011 Toyo University, Tokyo, Japan, TT
Katherine Blackbird 2010 Kent State University, NTT
Elizabeth Haller 2009 Northern State University, So. Dakota, TT
Mayuri Deka 2008 University of the Bahamas, Grand Bahamas
Catherine Rock 2008 Stark Technical College, TT
Todd Williams 2007 Kutztown University – Visiting Prof.
Sara Kosiba 2007 Troy University, TT
Michael Sanders 2006 Kent State University, NTT
Elizabeth Jones 2006 Cleveland State University, TT
Edward Dauterich 2006 Kent State University, NTT
Peter Marbais 2005 Hutchison Comm. College, KS, NTT
Seema Kurup 2004 Wm Rainey Harper, TT
Susan Lord 2004 Kent State University, PT
Mary Hricko 2004 KSU Geauga Campus - Library Director of Regional Campus
Chuck Fitzgerald 2004 Private Industry
Melissa Jones 2004 High school teacher - Cleve.
Hunter Stephenson 2004 University of Houston, TT
Carl Robinson 2004 Kent State University, PT
Greg Martin 2004 St. Ursuline - private women's high school
Michael Johanyak 2004 University of Akron, TT
Kathy Ward 2003 Thiel College, TT
Susan Gunn 2003 St. Edwards University, TT
Lynn Zimmerman Hall 2003 Business Owner
Yupei Zhou 2003 Xiamen University, China, TT
Kerrie Farkas 2003 Millersville University, Penn., TT
Linda Girard 2003 Parkland Comm. College, NTT