TEFL Testimonials

Teaching English as a Foreign Language Student Testimonials:


Andrew Priest summer 2022

“The TEFL Practicum in Florence is an experience I will never forget. If I was on the fence about teaching English abroad before the trip, all traces of that hesitation had vanished by the time I came back. Italy was stunningly beautiful, and the people were constantly warm and friendly (which was a huge help because of my abysmal Italian speaking ability). It has since become an absolute that I will eventually return to Italy because I enjoyed it so much.”

A picture of Andrew Priest sitting on a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea
Andrew Priest



Maddie Wansack summer 2022

After studying abroad in Florence, Italy, not a day goes by that I do not dream of my next trip back! Florence is the perfect place to gain experience teaching a wide range of English language learners, while also learning how to navigate a new culture and lifestyle. The Kent State staff made me feel comfortable and supported, the new friends I made became my travel buddies for weekend trips, and my students became the best guides for things to see and places to eat while in Italy. I am so thankful for this experience and all the adventures it took me on!

A picture of Maddie Wansack standing on a hill, under a tree overlooking Florence, Italy
Maddie Wansack


Lex Patton summer 2022

“My time in Florence is one that I won't soon forget since it was filled with amazing food, incredible sights and even better relationships! Going to Italy for my TEFL certificate was the best decision I could have made for myself as this allowed me to connect with Italians of all ages that I would have never met otherwise. I was nervous and scared to teach, but ended up absolutely loving all my students--my online German middle/high schoolers, university students, adult learners and (even) the preschoolers! This unique experience of teaching English gave me the opportunity to truly see Florence, and Italy as a whole, in a new light and to take turns switching from teacher to student.”

A picture of Lex Patton sitting on the edge of a water fountain in Florence, Italy
Lex Patton
A picture of Lex Patton standing and holding a fence atop a high place overlooking Florence, Italy
Lex Patton