Activities Supported

Research time shall be used by eligible faculty of University Libraries to support activities related to scholarship.

Research time is to be used to support work along a research path from preliminary exploration/investigation toward an intended final product.

Step One: Complete a Research Time Request form. Faculty may complete one Research Time Request form at the beginning of the fiscal year to request all of their research time for that academic year.

A. In addition, research time may be used for the following:

  1. for dissertation and thesis work, as well as for course-related research papers
  2. voluntarily for work-related projects designed to create, improve upon, test, or otherwise study work methods, policies, or new service initiatives
  3. external grant commitments that are in compliance with the Guidelines on Participation in Externally Funded Projects

B. Research time shall not be used for the following activities:

  1. attendance at meetings or conferences of professional associations
  2. professional service (see Handbook section on Professional Development Leave Policy)
  3. performance of routine job duties or work related to other paid jobs, including course preparation for adjunct teaching appointments
  4. class attendance
  5. file preparation for reappointment, tenure, promotion