Application and Approval Process

Using the attached form, a eligible faculty member will initiate a request that includes the project proposal to the dean of University Libraries at least six weeks prior to the projected release time. The College Advisory Committee and the Dean of University Libraries will make a recommendation which will be forwarded together with the original application to the appropriate Campus Dean. The final decision on approval or disapproval of release time rests with the Campus Dean.

Actual scheduling of release time is subject to approval by Regional Campus Library Directors or Deans.

If a request for release time is disapproved, the reason(s) will be stated on the form which is then returned to the faculty member. The faculty member may then modify the proposal, provide additional information, and/or meet with the Dean to discuss the proposal. The Campus Dean in consultation with the Dean of University Libraries, and the Regional Campus Dean for Academic Affairs is obliged to reconsider the modified proposal. The Campus Dean will provide the faculty member, the Dean of University Libraries, and the Vice Provost with a written statement of the reconsidered decision.