At Kent State University, faculty are evaluated in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service. Regional Campus faculty are evaluated in these areas, but special emphasis is given to the teaching dimension in recognition of the Regional Campus mission. Over time, departments have come to accommodate, accept, and recognize the Regional Campus mission as it relates to the evaluation of their faculty colleagues. While teaching is important, scholarship is not devalued. Regional Campus faculty are expected to engage in professional growth and development, publication, and related scholarly activities. They are expected to be current in their discipline and active in inquiry. The recent University discussions and acceptance of the concepts presented in Scholarship Reconsidered are particularly appropriate to the professional development expectations for Regional Campus faculty.

Since University Libraries faculty fulfill 12-month contract requirements, a research time policy was developed at the Kent Campus to assist Kent University Libraries faculty in meeting University requirements for professional development and scholarship activities. This policy provides them with the opportunity to secure release time up to approximately 10 percent of their regularly scheduled hours. There is no such policy presently in place at the Regional Campuses.