1. Handbook Committee

    Committee responsibilities include the following:

    a. initiating, reviewing, or recommending revisions to the Bylaws;

    b. initiating, reviewing, or recommending revisions to the Faculty Handbook;

    c. initiating, reviewing, or recommending revisions to the Bylaws and the Faculty Handbook in order to help assure compliance with each new Tenure-Track Collective Bargaining Agreement and Non-Tenure Track Collective Bargaining Agreement;

    d. reviewing and recommending revisions to the Bylaws and the Faculty Handbook in order to help assure compliance with University policy.

    Additionally, within two weeks of adoption by UL Faculty and UL Dean (or as otherwise covered by the Tenure-Track Collective Bargaining Agreement), the committee is responsible for:

    e. adding new or changed Bylaws or Handbook content to the official electronic version of the Bylaws or Handbook;

    f. providing paper copies for inclusion in the current paper handbook copies maintained in the Dean's office, in the Provost's office, and in the UL Department of Special Collections and Archives.

    In order to expedite updating of Handbook content, the committee is to make non-substantive editorial changes to the Bylaws and other Handbook section content as follows:

    1. Examples of non-substantive editorial changes include but are not limited to the following: 

    • Updating citations or links to other documents
    • Updating name and/or title changes of positions, offices, entities, or documents
    • Updating page references or titles of sections
    • Punctuation, grammatical, spelling, or numerical changes or corrections

     2. The process of making and tracking these editorial changes is as follows:

    • All non-substantive editorial changes are to retain the intent and meaning of the content being edited.
    • Any member of UL may bring editorial changes to the attention of the committee members.
    • All changes will be archived in committee records and presented to CAC in a timely manner.
    • All changes will be presented to the UL faculty in a summary report either in person or via the intranet.

    If any faculty member is concerned about editorial changes, he/she may submit to the Handbook committee written explanations for the concern. The committee will then evaluate the concern, and enact the changes or report back to the faculty member the reasons for keeping the original editorial change. If need be, the change will be brought to a vote at a meeting of the full UL faculty.

  2. Professional Development and Standards Committee

    Committee responsibilities include the following:

    a. developing professionalism by fostering and promoting opportunities for research and publication;

    b. encouraging membership and participation in professional organizations;

    c. reporting research time activities to the tenure-track faculty;

    d. organizing local professional activities;

    e. planning and promoting cooperative professional activities with the School of Library and Information Science and other schools and departments as appropriate;

    f. coordinating the mentor program.

  3. Faculty Professional Travel Committee

    Committee responsibilities include the following:

    a. managing the UL annual budget allocation for faculty professional travel (excluding travel by administrators with faculty rank);

    b. reviewing and recommending revisions in travel policies and procedures.

  4. Curriculum Committee

    Committee responsibilities include the following:

    a. reviewing and recommending proposals to establish, inactivate and revise courses, degrees, programs, concentrations, majors and sub-majors, emphases, and options;

    b. reviewing and recommending proposed course changes including but not limited to course titles, course descriptions, prerequisites, grading specifications, credits, and content;

    c. periodically reviewing existing curriculum and recommendation to program faculty to initiate proposed changes in order to update, collaborate, integrate where appropriate;

    d. reviewing and recommending workshop proposals.

    The College Advisory Committee shall serve as the UL Curriculum Committee, with the addition of the Head of Instructional Services if that person is not a member of the CAC. Additionally, a representative of the Regional Campus faculty in UL will serve in an ex officio capacity, to be recommended by the Regional Campus Library Directors Council and approved by CAC.

    The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to address issues and procedures related to for-credit UL course offerings, whether cross-listed or independently listed. The business of the Curriculum Committee may be conducted during meetings of the CAC. Minutes of the Curriculum Committee discussions and decisions may be included in the minutes of the CAC meeting.

    Approved by UL Faculty 05/06/08; approved by the Provost 09/24/08.

  5. Diversity Committee

    Committee responsibilities include the following:

    a. endeavoring to make University Libraries a diverse and inclusive place to work through various means, including but not limited to:

    • outreach programming
    • fellowship and scholarship oversight
    • strategic planning
    • recruitment and retention of diverse librarians
    • professional outreach and scholarship.

    b. overseeing and managing University Libraries' Strategic Diversity Plan.

    c. representing University Libraries on KSU's University Diversity Advisory Council.

    d. working with KSU's Office of Affirmative Action to share information on best practices in forming search committees and conducting searches.

    e. connecting and collaborating with professional organizations (e.g., ARL, ALA, or ALAO) to support and further diversity within the profession of librarianship. 

    The Diversity Committee shall be composed of at least three faculty members, with representation from both tenured / tenure-track Faculty and non-tenure track faculty, with the committee chair being a faculty member. To meet the broad scope of this committee's responsibilities, the committee chair shall ask for the University Libraries Staff Association to appoint at least one staff member to the committee and for the Dean's Office to appoint at least one student member to the committee.

    Approved by UL Faculty on 5/19/09; approved by the Provost on 08/07/09.