Curriculum Committee

Committee responsibilities include the following:

a. reviewing and recommending proposals to establish, inactivate and revise courses, degrees, programs, concentrations, majors and sub-majors, emphases, and options;

b. reviewing and recommending proposed course changes including but not limited to course titles, course descriptions, prerequisites, grading specifications, credits, and content;

c. periodically reviewing existing curriculum and recommendation to program faculty to initiate proposed changes in order to update, collaborate, integrate where appropriate;

d. reviewing and recommending workshop proposals.

The College Advisory Committee shall serve as the UL Curriculum Committee, with the addition of the Head of Instructional Services if that person is not a member of the CAC. Additionally, a representative of the Regional Campus faculty in UL will serve in an ex officio capacity, to be recommended by the Regional Campus Library Directors Council and approved by CAC.

The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to address issues and procedures related to for-credit UL course offerings, whether cross-listed or independently listed. The business of the Curriculum Committee may be conducted during meetings of the CAC. Minutes of the Curriculum Committee discussions and decisions may be included in the minutes of the CAC meeting.

Approved by UL Faculty 05/06/08; approved by the Provost 09/24/08.