A. As per the Tenure-Track Collective Bargaining Agreement, meetings of the Faculty shall be held at least once during each fall and spring academic term at the call of the Dean, and these two meetings shall be primarily for Faculty business.  The Annual Meeting shall occur prior to the end of the spring academic term. At the request of the Dean, the Faculty shall be notified at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.

B. The Faculty meeting in the spring shall be known as the Annual Meeting and shall be for the purpose of Faculty business, the election of tenure-track representatives and Secretary, and receiving reports of tenure-track representatives and committees.

C. Attendance at Faculty meetings is expected of all Faculty. All other faculty may attend.  Other persons may be invited to attend. 

D. The Faculty may be convened, with reasonable notice, for special meetings at the call of the Dean, upon petition of one-fourth of all Faculty (for Faculty meetings), or by a majority of the members of the CAC. Only subjects specifically listed in the proposed agenda for a special meeting may be considered at that meeting. 

E. The Dean, at his discretion, may convene meetings of the entire faculty in addition to the aforementioned twice-annual Faculty meetings.