A. Decisions of the Faculty shall be determined by a majority voice vote of Faculty present, unless contrary requirements are specified elsewhere in these Bylaws. If the Dean or any Faculty member questions the outcome, that person may request a show of hands.

B. NTT faculty may vote on all issues at faculty meetings, except for those that pertain to Faculty personnel issues. Those exceptions include, but are not limited to: Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion policies; Research Time policy; any faculty excellence awards guidelines brought forward by CAC; or Professional Improvement Leaves or Research Leaves.

NTT faculty do not vote for Faculty representatives to CAC.

C. Any member of the Faculty may request that the vote on any issue be taken by secret ballot. This request shall be granted on the approval of a majority of Faculty present. 

D. All voting for Faculty representatives shall be by secret ballot.

E. Absentee Voting for Faculty Representatives. The following shall govern absentee voting: 

1. The person voting absentee shall be someone who otherwise meets the requirements for voting under these Bylaws. 

2. The person voting absentee shall be a qualified voter who is unable to attend the Faculty meeting.

3. The person voting absentee shall do so by completing a regular ballot obtained from the designated member of the nominating committee. 

4. The person voting absentee shall return the completed ballot in a sealed envelope to the designated member of the nominating committee prior to the meeting. 

5. Absentee balloting and the counting of absentee ballots shall proceed in accordance with section 44 of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, latest edition. 

 Revision approved by the University Libraries faculty, 5/15/14