Insurance and Immunization

Medical History and Immunization Forms

Kent State University (Kent Campus) has specific vaccination requirements for students enrolled in in-person courses. To meet the requirements, students must submit a copy of their immunization records. Please visit the Mandatory Immunizations Page on the DeWeese Health Center's website to learn more.

Health Insurance Requirement

Per the Kent State University Policy, located here, all international students will be assessed the International Student Health Insurance fee to their student account within one week of enrolling in at least one credit hour or more each semester. Once enrolled in the health insurance plan, students will then be able to activate their insurance by following the enrollment website link found here. This process should take place within the open enrollment period at the beginning of the semester, which is addressed by DeWeese Health Center in the website provided.

Any international student may request a waiver of this fee during the open enrollment period if:

  • The student provides proof of full sponsorship by a government agency including health insurance.

    • Financial guarantees provided must be dated through the end of the semester to be accepted. 

    • Email a copy of your financial guarantee to

  • The second option would be if a student provides proof of health insurance provided by a United States employer.

Any international student may request the insurance to be removed from their account during the open enrollment period if:

  • Students who are located outside the United States for the entire duration of a semester may request to have the insurance removed from their account. Please contact for more information on this process.

Graduate Assistants

  • Graduate Assistants have a specialized enrollment and payment procedure for student health insurance. The steps to process your discounted payment and enrollment can be found here.

  • The payment and enrollment process must be completed during the open enrollment period as noted here. Graduate assistants pay their portion of the premium to United Healthcare - NOT to Kent State University. When a successful payment has been made, a waiver will be placed on your student account for the entire International Student Health Insurance fee. 

    • If an international Graduate Assistant does not enroll for Graduate Assistant policy during open enrollment period, they will be enrolled as an international student with the non-discounted rate charged on their student account.

  • Helpful hints for success:

    • DO NOT use Auto-Fill to complete the UHCSR application. This will cause an error in the enrollment demographic field and the application will be denied.

    • The payment link from UHCSR will expire 5 days after it has been sent. Please make your premium payment promptly.

    • Graduate assistants must pay the entire policy premium directly to UHCSR. Premiums cannot be placed on their KSU student accounts. 

    • Graduate assistants have the option to enroll for annual policy or the fall only policy. If they choose fall-only policy, it is their responsibility to re-enroll for the spring.

    • Graduate assistants do not to complete an online waiver application.

    • Graduate Assistant stipend is determined annually by Provost’s Office, not by DeWeese Health Center.

At this time, there are no other options to request the insurance to be removed or waived from a student account. For additional assistance or questions about the health insurance, contact: DeWeese Health Center Insurance & Billing at +1 330-672-8251 or email