Graduate Level Coursework

Experience what graduate level courses are like and earn honors hours.

Graduate level courses are 50000 and above. Courses cross-listed with 40000-level sections are not eligible. Students should understand and be prepared for the rigor of taking and completing a graduate level course. Please be advised that Financial Aid may be affected. Check with your department to find out how financial aid may be affected by taking a graduate level course while enrolled as an undergraduate student.

Enrollment & Registration

Students must complete the Grad-level Coursework contract to receive credit.

  • Honors hours will be granted for grad-level coursework only with the approval of the course instructor.
  • Courses cross-listed with 40000-level sections are not eligible (use CPA instead).
  • A course syllabus must be submitted via upload for approval.
  • Courses designated as 100% online are not permitted for honors credit.
  • Students enrolled in a combined bachelor's/master's program must provide a copy of the program approval form.

Complete the Graduate Level Coursework Contract