Block 1 Morning Sessions

Learn more about the Block 1 Morning Sessions including speaker information and session descriptions.

Session 1: Building Partnerships: Biliteracy and Heritage Learners

Title: Biliteracy As Investment in the Future

  • Speaker: Dr. Glenn Martinez, Professor of Hispanic Linguistics at The Ohio State University
  • Description: This session engages participants in reflection on the ideological underpinnings of biliteracy and its relationship to ideas about bilingualism. In order to spur the dialogue, several programmatic interventions will be discussed. The dialogue will be geared towards the formulation of recommendations to ensure that Ohio’s new Seal of Biliteracy is accessible to all of Ohio’s language learners.

Session 2: Inspiring Readiness to Learn: Dealing with Trauma and Mental Health

Title: The Impact of Collective Trauma on Youth

  • Speakers:
    • Dr. Cassie Storlie, Associate Professor of Counselor Education & Supervision at Kent State University
    • Dr. Evelyn Rivera, Bilingual Clinical Psychologist at her own private practice called I AM WHO I AM WELLNESS, LLC.
    • Marsha Mitchell-Blanks, Program Director at NAMI Cleveland (National Alliance of Mental Illness)
    • Kim Kehl (Q & A Facilitator), Trauma Informed Care Project Coordinator at the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • Description: Trauma is prevalent across multiple settings and populations, but notably among Latinx youth.  Using Ecological Systems Theory to frame our presentation, we will discuss key components that contribute to the trauma experienced by Latinx youth.  From immigration, poverty, gangs, bullying, suicide, guns, drugs and alcohol - presenters will deliver an interactive presentation in which attendees will hear practical strategies that can best serve Latinx youth experiencing trauma.  Upon completion of the presentation, a collaborative question/answer session will be led by a representative from the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services on best practices in working with Ohio Latinx youth.

Session 3: ReSílience and Equity in STEAM

  • Speakers:
    • Dr. Karl W. Kosko, Associate Professor at the School of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies at Kent State University
    • Dr. Sarah Rilling, Professor and Teacher Education Coordinator at Kent State University
    • Judy Benjamin, Third-Year Doctoral Student and Graduate Assistant in Curriculum and Instruction at Kent State University
    • Dr. Brian Bontempo, Superintendent of the Auburn Career Center and Ohio Technical Center
  • Description: The panel focuses on arts within the STEM disciplines, or using arts in science, technology, engineering and math learning. Rilling will present background and data on the state of content and language integrated education for bi- or multilingual students in the U.S. and Ohio with a focus on Latino students. Gearin will demonstrate how public art can be used in STEM learning with a task-based approach to language for specific purposes. Kosko and Benjamin then discuss research-based practices for supporting equity and resilience in K-12 mathematics instruction, as well as the importance of these practices for collegiate mathematics. Further, integration of the arts into STEM for STEAM will be described, particularly in regards to how the arts can be used to facilitate students' aesthetic sensibilities in a manner supportive of conceptual understandings of mathematics.

Session 4: Inspiring Latinx Teachers for Tomorrow's Classrooms

Title: Teacher Diversity Through Partnership

  • Speakers:
    • Dr. Linda F. Robertson, Director of the Read Center for International & Intercultural Education at the College of Education, Health and Human Services at Kent State University
    • Dr. Katharine Delavan, Dean of the School of Education and Professional Studies at Lake Erie College
  • Description: This session gives an overview of the multiple partnerships the school of education at Lake Erie College has established in an effort to recruit diverse teacher candidates. The overview includes a discussion of our College Credit Plus (CCP) Teacher Pathway, the Strengthening Ohio's Teacher Pipeline through Partnership grant outcomes, career tech articulation agreements, 2+2 articulation with community colleges, partnerships with diversity organizations and local districts in need of Latinx teachers.

Session 5: Inspiring Leadership Through Co-Curricular Activity & Career Technical Education

Title: Valientes y Fuertes— Empowering Girls to a Brighter Future

  • Speakers:
    • Taylor Burciaga, Executive Director of the Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center
    • Yahaira Rose, President and Founder of Proyecto Mariposas
  • Description: This session will explore the relationship of the mother/daughter through enrichment focused on building self-esteem, honoring culture and empowering the girl to a brighter and stronger future.  In this interactive session you will learn about the work of Proyecto Mariposas in Columbus Ohio, experience two culturally responsive activities and discuss ways in which, we as a community, can continue empowering young girls and their families to braver and stronger lives. Both speakers will discuss their organization’s backgrounds and how they contribute to our shared goals of personal development and community engagement.

Session 6: Inspiring Policy Change for a Better Future

Title: Your Voice Matters— Understanding Government

  • Speaker: Carly McCain, Public Policy Officer at the Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs
  • Description: Participants will learn how to engage in effective advocacy to increase influence in local and state government.

Session 7: Inspiring Policy Change for a Better Future

Title: Dreamers and Allies— Advancing Equity and Access for DACA and Undocumented Students

  • Speakers: SCOPE (Student Community of Progressive Empowerment) Club, Students at The Ohio State University
  • Description: Audience will learn how to engage and collaborate with different university stakeholders to provide equal access to education and resources that enhance learning environments for all students.

Session 8: Inspiring Strategies to Promote Inclusive School Communities

Title: Caring Isn't Enough— Building Skills for Behavior and Culture in K-12 and H.E. Classrooms

  • Speaker: Dr. Nate Stevenson, Assistant Professor of Special Education at Kent State University
  • Description: Participants will learn specific skills for recognizing and responding to classroom behaviors influenced by culture. Participants will learn to recognize instances of cultural mismatch between student and teacher, and learn specific strategies to resolve such situations.