Curriculum Committee | Kent State University

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee shall be composed of all full-time TT and full-time NTT faculty who elect its chair.  Upon vote of the faculty, a number of graduate assistants and Department’s majors and minors may be selected to become members of this Committee.  The Faculty Advisory Committee will appoint one member of the Curriculum Committee as the PAS Department’s representative to the College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee.  In order for this position to rotate, this person cannot serve for more than two consecutive years in the position.

The Curriculum Committee is the primary advisory and recommendatory body to the Departmental Chairperson on those academic matters which are central to the Department’s mission. These matters include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • long-range academic planning for the Department; overall curricular planning and policies;
  • minimizing proliferation and duplication of courses;
  • sequencing of course offerings; maximizing course variety through Special Topics and workshop offerings;
  • coordination of curricular changes;
  • reviewing for approval proposed new courses or altered academic programs within the Department;
  • recommending to the Chairperson action on all matters involving the Department’s curriculum and educational objectives as reflected by the curriculum.

 This Committee also serves as the Student Grievance Committee (see Section VII, B).