Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC)

The Department’s Faculty Advisory Committee is comprised of all full-time tenured or tenure-track (TT) faculty and one representative of the full-time non-tenure-track (NTT) faculty members to be selected by the FAC, plus the Department Chairperson.  The Chair of FAC normally shall determine those agenda items or, in certain instances, meetings which may be inappropriate for attendance by committee members who are not full-time TT faculty.  In all cases, NTT faculty shall neither be present for discussions of nor vote on personnel issues concerning TT faculty.  A representative (or representatives in such number as established by the College Handbook) to the College Advisory Committee (CAC) shall be elected bi-annually from the full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty.  In order for this position to rotate among eligible FAC members, this person should serve for two consecutive years, subject to possible reappointment.  The Chairperson of the Faculty Advisory Committee shall be a tenured full-time faculty member.  All FAC Committee meetings should be held separately from the general departmental meetings.

The entire regular full-time faculty of the Department, acting on its own behalf and/or through the Faculty Advisory Committee, is the primary advisory and recommendatory body to the Departmental Chairperson on those matters central to the Department’s mission, which include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

college-level issues including reappointment, tenure, promotion and dismissal; allocation or re-allocation of faculty positions and academic staff positions within the Department; the proposed addition, elimination or restructuring of academic units within the Department; general guidelines regarding allocation of faculty salary increases from the Dean's salary increase pool, as well as other salary adjustments when and if applicable; planning and budget priorities, including allocation of discretionary resources; selection of faculty members for college committees; professional improvement and other leaves, if and as appropriate; procedures for the establishment, review and appropriate revision of the Department Handbook; college-level issues related to the advising and retention of students; insuring that students are properly advised; insuring that instructional standards are followed; and insuring that class and other duties of faculty members are met.  It is expected that the Departmental faculty will also participate in the activities of a variety of other standing and/or ad hoc committees.  Enforcements and sanctions of this policy are spelled out in the CBA document.  This Committee also serves as the Student Grievance Committee.