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Department Administration

  1. Chairperson

    The Chairperson is the administrative officer of the Department and, thus, is directly accountable to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.  The Chairperson is charged with bringing the vision of the department and its faculty forward, through support of effective implementation of policy and programming.  The Chairperson is responsible for assuring the recording, maintaining and implementing the department’s aims and objectives and the policies and procedures contained in the department Handbook.  He or she is also responsible for insuring that such policies, objectives and procedures are in conformity with the University Policy Register and the Collective Bargaining Agreements.  The Chairperson shall be an ex-officio non-voting member of the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC), and as such shall be charged with the responsibility and authority to represent the Department in Collegial and University matters.  The Chairperson is also expected to be cognizant of and receptive to the advice of the available Department faculty before making decisions and/or recommendations to a higher academic officer.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Teaches no fewer than six semester credit hours per academic year and no more than nine per academic year.  Supervises the Internship Program (African American Affairs Practicum).  Coordinates all Individual Investigation faculty assignments;
    2. Works closely with the Directors of the Institute for African American Affairs, the Center of Pan-African Culture, Communication Skills and Arts to assure a full scope of holistic academic and cultural programming. The chair also oversees the staffing and financing of conducted faculty research and the development of the overall program:
    3. Enforces University regulations;
    4. Encourages and supports faculty in pursuing their and pedagogical goals;
    5. With appropriate consultation, develops and carries out administrative and educational policies in the Department;
    6. Recommends new staff appointments to the Dean and recommends the promotion and/or tenure of members of the Department who are eligible and qualified;
    7. Recommends, with documentation, the severance of individuals deemed not worthy of permanent appointment;
    8. Hires and directs the non-academic staff of the Department;
    9. Recommends leaves of absence;
    10. Supplies prompt notification to the offices of the Dean of faculty absenteeism or faculty and staff resignations;
    11. Recommends course changes proposed by DPAS/FAC’s curriculum committee or through the appropriate Dean (or Deans, if more than one college is involved);
    12. Distributes teaching assignments, schedules class hours and rooms, and prepares and submits reports to appropriate University officials;
    13. Maintains custody of University property charged to the Department;
    14. Maintains effective work relationships with PAS faculty assigned to any of the Regional Campuses;
    15. Notifies the President, Provost and /or Dean of needs of the Department for which gifts or bequests should be sought or are being sought;
    16. Performs other tasks, or supervises their implementation, such as monitoring student progress, interdepartmental and inter-college relations, public relations efforts and planning, and oversees course management and development.  All of these must be catalogued, such as noting the progress of graduates, maintaining relationships with other University departments, colleges and agencies, inducting new faculty, developing brochures, overseeing course syllabi, etc.


  2. Assistant to the Chairperson

    On an annual basis, during spring semester, the FAC will recommend to the Department Chairperson a full-time tenured faculty member who will serve as Assistant Chairperson for 9 or12 months.  This person teaches no fewer than 18 semester credit hours per academic year unless under dire and/or extenuating circumstances.  His or her duties include, but may not be limited to, the coordination, development and maintenance of records of majors; implementation of curricular policies; and course modifications and substitutions recommended by the Curriculum Committee.  This individual assists the Chair in implementing and monitoring the minor programs, coordination of the undergraduate program overall, and the DPAS presence at all campuses of Kent State.  This person assists in reviewing requests from faculty, and monitoring output and productivity of the various centers and institutes in the Department.  The Assistant Chair will support the Chairperson in the collection of data for required reports and proposals for grants.  In the Chairperson’s absence, the Assistant to the Chairperson becomes the Acting Chairperson.

  3. Director, Institute for African American Affairs (IAAA)

    The IAAA Director, which is a 9-month faculty position that includes teaching responsibilities, makes decisions in consultation with the faculty and Chair of the Department with regard to research, educational methodologies, curricular materials, university and community service, as well as pedagogical and cultural needs of students.  The Director serves as a liaison with other educational bodies both at Kent State and beyond, and oversees publication of The African American Monograph Series and KITABU, the IAAA newsletter.  The Director also oversees management of the Henry Dumas Memorial Library, which houses materials related to the Pan-African experience.  The Director teaches no more than 18 semester hours per academic year unless there are dire and/or extenuating circumstances or permission from the Dean.

  4. Director, Center of Pan-African Culture (CPAC)

    The CPAC Director, which is a 9-month faculty position that includes teaching responsibilities, manages the Center’s facilities and is responsible for planning, coordinating and directing activities, which provide students and the Pan-African community at large with opportunities to develop projects, performances and exhibits promoting cultural and arts awareness.  The Director identifies artists and other public figures to be invited to Departmental colloquia, guest lectures, the annual Pan-African Festival and other events.  He or she also negotiates fees for such artists and public figures, handles all arrangements for their appearance on campus, provides promotional materials and publishes a calendar of events.  The Director works in cooperation with the Curator of the Gallery for exhibitions and with the IAAA Director for the scheduling of speakers on scholarly topics.  The Department provides the Director with a graduate assistant.  The Director teaches no more than 18 semester credit hours per academic year unless under dire and/or extenuating circumstances or permission from the Dean.

  5. Curator, Uumbaji Gallery

    In conjunction with the CPAC Director, the Curator is responsible for the management of the Gallery, its exhibits and its permanent collections.  The Curator teaches no more than 21 semester credit hours per academic year unless under dire/and/or extenuating circumstances.  The Curator assists in fundraising for exhibition costs and coordinates with the CPAC Director in the selection of artists, publicity and calendar for exhibits.

  6. Director, Communications Skills and Arts Division (CSA)

    This is a 9-month faculty position within the Department of Pan-African Studies.  The Director should have a thorough understanding of linguistic and/or grammatical principles, as he or she oversees programs relating to communication skills and arts.  A permanent member of the English Department’s Writing Program Committee, the Director is responsible for the selection and supervision of all faculty members who teach in the Department’s College Writing Program and those who work in the Department’s Help Center/Computer Lab.  Working in consultation with the faculty, the Director determines the direction and content of the PAS College Writing classes.  He or she also oversees student publications.  The Director teaches no more than 18 semester credit hours per academic year unless under dire and/or extenuating circumstances..

  7. Theatre Director, African Community Theatre (ACT)

    This is a 9-month faculty position within the Department of Pan-African Studies.  The Director works directly with the Department Chair and in partnership with the CPAC Director in planning and executing theatrical activities that provide students and the local community opportunities to learn about the Pan-African theatre heritage.  Such activities include audience development as well as the promotion of student and community participation in productions, workshops and lectures.  The Director is responsible for directing two dramatic productions per academic year (one per semester) and for the general development of the ACT program.  He or she is also responsible for promotional materials for all ACT productions and events, and for keeping an inventory of all theatre properties and equipment.  In addition, the Director maintains an accurate account of expenditures, income and attendance at events.  The Director teaches no more than 12 semester credit hours per academic year unless under dire and/or extenuating circumstances or permission from the Dean.