Theatre Director, African Community Theatre (ACT) | Kent State University

Theatre Director, African Community Theatre (ACT)

This is a 9-month faculty position within the Department of Pan-African Studies.  The Director works directly with the Department Chair and in partnership with the CPAC Director in planning and executing theatrical activities that provide students and the local community opportunities to learn about the Pan-African theatre heritage.  Such activities include audience development as well as the promotion of student and community participation in productions, workshops and lectures.  The Director is responsible for directing two dramatic productions per academic year (one per semester) and for the general development of the ACT program.  He or she is also responsible for promotional materials for all ACT productions and events, and for keeping an inventory of all theatre properties and equipment.  In addition, the Director maintains an accurate account of expenditures, income and attendance at events.  The Director teaches no more than 12 semester credit hours per academic year unless under dire and/or extenuating circumstances or permission from the Dean.