Theatre Director, African Community Theatre (ACT)

This is a 9-month faculty position within the Department of Pan-African Studies which can be held by either a TT or an NTT Faculty member. The Director for the African Community is responsible for creating and developing the ACT theatre programming, including the training of students in theatre productions. S/he is also responsible for creating and/or the development of theatre workshops, community outreach, and events to develop new audiences, and for providing opportunities for creative outlets for the local and Kent State University communities. S/he will oversee the general management of the theatre, including schedules, and rehearsals. The Director is also expected to manage production budgets, report at regular Unit meetings, and to submit annual reports. The Director receives up to 12 credit hours teaching release per academic year unless there are dire and/or extenuating circumstances or with permission from the Dean.

In all instances, the needs of the Department and the decision of the Chair in consultation with the Dean will take precedence in the above course releases and are contingent on the ability of the department to meet teaching/staffing needs.