Assistant to the Chairperson | Kent State University

Assistant to the Chairperson

On an annual basis, during spring semester, the FAC will recommend to the Department Chairperson a full-time tenured faculty member who will serve as Assistant Chairperson for 9 or12 months.  This person teaches no fewer than 18 semester credit hours per academic year unless under dire and/or extenuating circumstances.  His or her duties include, but may not be limited to, the coordination, development and maintenance of records of majors; implementation of curricular policies; and course modifications and substitutions recommended by the Curriculum Committee.  This individual assists the Chair in implementing and monitoring the minor programs, coordination of the undergraduate program overall, and the DPAS presence at all campuses of Kent State.  This person assists in reviewing requests from faculty, and monitoring output and productivity of the various centers and institutes in the Department.  The Assistant Chair will support the Chairperson in the collection of data for required reports and proposals for grants.  In the Chairperson’s absence, the Assistant to the Chairperson becomes the Acting Chairperson.