Director, Center of Pan-African Culture (CPAC) | Kent State University

Director, Center of Pan-African Culture (CPAC)

The CPAC Director, which is a 9-month faculty position that includes teaching responsibilities, manages the Center’s facilities and is responsible for planning, coordinating and directing activities, which provide students and the Pan-African community at large with opportunities to develop projects, performances and exhibits promoting cultural and arts awareness.  The Director identifies artists and other public figures to be invited to Departmental colloquia, guest lectures, the annual Pan-African Festival and other events.  He or she also negotiates fees for such artists and public figures, handles all arrangements for their appearance on campus, provides promotional materials and publishes a calendar of events.  The Director works in cooperation with the Curator of the Gallery for exhibitions and with the IAAA Director for the scheduling of speakers on scholarly topics.  The Department provides the Director with a graduate assistant.  The Director teaches no more than 18 semester credit hours per academic year unless under dire and/or extenuating circumstances or permission from the Dean.