A cross-disciplinary team of students from Kent State’s College of Communication and Information earned commendation for their work on You Can Now’s (YCN) Student Awards, an international, creative advertising competition.


Photo of banner created by Kent State advertising studentsTeam will present integrated marketing campaign to V8®+Energy brand team

This May, JMC students are taking their communications talents across the pond. Twenty students in the Global Advertising and Public Relations course are traveling to Dublin and London May 14-30, 2015.

Imagine a future where a consumer scans an item through a window display and purchases it without entering the store. Groceries are ordered at a kiosk for delivery within the hour. Human voice assistance is a standard part of the online shopping experience. Predictive analytics help retailers anticipate a shopper’s behavior. All are examples of how technology will dramatically alter the relationship between business and consumers in the coming years.

JMC professors Wendy Wardell, Stephanie Smith, Jan Leach and Joe Murray will offer their perspectives and examine the moral, ethical and business implications on advertising, public relations, digital media and journalism, as well as what it means for students entering the workforce.

JMC Director Thor Wasbotten will moderate the discussion and encourages students to attend and contribute their ideas and opinions.

Four creative groups across Kent State University earned 10 awards at the 2014 Akron ADDY Award ceremony, hosted by the American Advertising Federation-Akron (AAF-Akron).