American Academy

Fashion design student Matthew Williams working on a Couture creation at Kent State's Paris American Academy

Couture creations by a senior fashion design major at Kent State's American Academy in Paris were recently highlighted in an Instagram post. 

American Academy Students in Curitiba, Brazil

For Brazilian student Rafael Bahls, being involved in the Kent State University American Academy in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil, has expanded his worldview in a multitude of ways.

Brazilian educators at Cleveland sign

A group of educators from Brazil spent two weeks at Kent State participating in workshops and field trips to area schools. 

Brazilian educators at Cleveland sign

Educators from Brazil visited Northeast Ohio institutions for inspirations in innovative teaching. 

American Academy students petting a capybara in Curitiba.

Capybaras are part of the American Academy experience at PUCPR in Curitiba, Brazil. 

American Academy students taking part in CPR training at PUCPR's medical school

American Academy students engage in training at PUCPR's medical school.

American Academy students relax and play guitar after class at PUCPR

After class, American Academy students at PUCPR like to hang out and relax. 

UCM's Bob Christy with photo students in Brazil

A chance meeting on campus turned into a valuable learning experience for a group of photography students in Brazil. 

Tall trees on the PUCPR campus

Students at Kent State's American Academy can enjoy a green and growing campus all year in Curitiba's subtropical climate. 

Jeffrey Hallam teaching at PUCPR

Some Kent State faculty travel to PUCPR in Brazil to teach intensive, three-week modules.