From July 28 to August 2, 2019, forty students from ten different Northeast Ohio colleges and universities convened at Kent State to be immersed in an entrepreneurial experience like no other. For the five days and four nights students worked together, with faculty, staff, and regional business leaders, to create innovative solutions that address local industry and community challenges.

Entrepreneurship Immersion Week 2019


Entrepreneurship Immersion Week (EIW) is an intensive, one-week(ish), immersion experience for undergraduates from all disciplines to learn the skills to develop new business concepts and then apply these skills in a team-based business concept competition.


Undergraduate students from any discipline enrolled for Fall 2019 at any of the 10 EEC colleges/universities are eligible to participate. Each school will send 5-6 students to EIW. 

Chinonso is a now-graduate of the Kent State Fashion School and hails from Nigeria, which is the inspiration for her fashion line that incorporates traditional African fabrics into modern pieces. While researching production possibilities for the full line, she has been designing and sewing custom pieces for customers.

In addition to starting her own fashion brand in high school, Aceani Ross-Bigbee has dreams to inspire other would-be fashionistas become their best selves. We sat down to talk to her about what she’s working on and a little about herself.

Tell us about your new venture, The Possible Me.

The Possible Me is based on the Possible Selves theory. Possible Selves focuses on self-improvement and growth through the idea of 'trying on' different futures.

Have a great idea for a new product, service, app, or way to solve a problem?

Kent State students across campus will be able to present their ideas for the chance to win money and bragging rights for their college at LaunchNET’s IDEA OLYMPICS. 

Post-Hackathon Resources

Want to continue working on a hackathon project? We can help!

At LaunchNET, we have business coaches, legal resources, competitions, and other networks to help you develop your project into a product and/or your team into a business.

Meet one on one with an advisor to map out a plan and make connections that will help you get where you want to go, or compete in one of the many opportunities to win money in the region.


Transfer student Gregory Joyce II is a great example of the wide variety of clients served by LaunchNET. While many students come to the office looking to start a venture of some type, Gregory came in with multiple businesses already going and ideas for more.

As a passionate student of the arts, Bethany Westphal felt the need to share her love with others, specifically younger children, and help them avoid some of the negative experiences she had with music teachers growing up.

She recently opened Rising Star Center for the Arts in downtown Akron, where she hopes to “create a positive, fun, and encouraging learning environment for the arts so that everyone can be free to pursue their creative dreams.”

Uju is the founder of Pop Style (@_popstyle), an on-campus pop-up thrift shop that allows you to buy, donate and trade clothing for $3, $7, or $10. Customers can donate clothes they don't want anymore but someone else could wear and trade clothes at each price point.