School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Undergraduate students across campus can now learn about the technology that has made smart phones such a success in a new course titled “Be Smarter Than Your Phone.”

John West, trustees research professor in Kent State University’s Liquid Crystal Institute created the course based on his career in science and technology. West is teaching this course with JMC professor Gary Hanson and Marketing and Entrepreneurship Assistant Professor in the College of Business Administration Colin Campbell.

When journalism professor Ann Schierhorn was a high school student at Florida State University School in 1966, she knew she was witnessing a story that needed to be told. Her classmates Keith Neyland and Mahlon C. Rhaney, Jr. were the first African American students to desegregate the formerly all-white university high school.



Brazilian Students

A group of Brazilian students from Pontifical Catholic University of Parana (PUCPR) are visiting Kent State University this month to work on multimedia storytelling projects focused on American media and culture.  

Celebrities are followed by the paparazzi, have minimal privacy and are constantly in the public eye, yet they still want and need fans and attention. That attention, in the form of entertainment media ethics, is the focus of this year’s Poynter Kent State University Media Ethics Workshop, “That’s Entertainment?” The ninth annual event will take place at Kent State’s Franklin Hall on Thursday, Sept. 19.

The College Media Association (CMA) announced the finalists for the 2013 Pinnacle Awards, and TV2 KSU is included in four categories:

Summer commencement marks two significant milestones for our School:  This is the largest group of master’s students ever to graduate from JMC, and this is the first time more graduate students than undergraduate students will receive diplomas.

"This summer's graduating class of master’s students spans a diverse group not just in terms of age, race and ethnic origin, but in world view. Having taught many of them, I can say they educated me more than any master's class I can recall,” said Tim Roberts, JMC graduate coordinator and lecturer.

Above The Fold

The photographs of Dave LaBelle, director of photojournalism at JMC, will be featured in “Above the Fold: The Photographers of the The Chanute Tribune,” an exhibit at The Chanute Art Gallery in Chanute, 
Kansas. The exhibit runs from September 3 through September 28.

Changes in the business model of The Plain Dealer – including significant reductions in newsroom staff and home delivery – brought WEWS Channel 5 to the JMC newsroom at the end of July to speak with journalism students Christina Bucciere and Rebecca Reis and JMC Director Thor Wasbotten about the future of journalism. Watch their comments here.

Ten students from JMC and Communication Studies depart on August 3 for a two-week exploration of modern media and democracy in Prague, the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic. They will be accompanied by JMC Professor Candace Perkins Bowen and Communication Studies Professor Catherine Goodall. 

A Kent State University student media “power couple” made local history as the first to be married in the Kent State University Hotel and Conference Center on July 26.

Nate Sargent, ’09, and Sadie Kelly, ’10, met on the second floor of Franklin Hall. The pair could be found in the business office of the Daily Kent Staterlate in the afternoon, after all of their peers had abandoned the room for the evening. She was working on the Classified section of the paper as the Classified Account Executive, and he was manning the phones as the Sales Manager.