Custom Design Responsive Format

Because more and more website visitors visit a website from a hand-held device, it is critical to offer users a responsive website, which is a version of your website that adjusts to fit any screen size. The ‘stack order’ should reflect, in this order:

Mobile menu should be menu and then logo. The search must be integrated into the expanded mobile menu.

  1. Kent State’s responsive global header, which cannot be altered and includes, in this order, from left to right: logo, menu icon and search button. 
  2. Primary navigation would behave in this manner: Upon clicking the menu icon, the unit’s navigation expands downward and allows for multistep navigation through the menus. Note: the local navigation, traditionally on the left on desktop displays is placed below the content and above the footer. The link back to the college on department pages would go underneath the department name.
  3. Image and copy
  4. Action items
  5. Additional departmental links, if relevant
  6. College or department website footer, which includes: quick links, if relevant, social media icons (of unit and the icon to link to all university accounts), department name, location and contact information.
  7. University footer, which includes logo, vertically listed quick links, contact and location information, return to top gold circle and arrow, search engine optimization and copyright content.