View the typography options for Kent's web branding. Below, you will finding everything from heading styles to button types.


There are a plethora of web safe colors available in the Kent State Brand.


Learn the various suggest layout options provided for departmental websites on 

  • Upholding implementation and administration of the visual identity program policy rests with the University Communications and Marketing.
  • The intent of the visual identity program is to provide consistency in the approach used by university departments and units to represent the university in publications and other printed matter. The university’s Web presence, as represented in Websites at the departmental or unit level and above, clearly falls within the scope of this policy.
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Essential Website Navigation

Nearly all of the Kent State websites adhere to brand standards and the Guide to Web standards by taking advantage of our free Drupal-based content management system. As a result, all required elements are built into the template system. For those of you who need to provide guidance to a third-party university vendor because of the need for advanced functionality, that developer will need to understand the components of these required elements. Reminder, that approval should come from procurement and the Electronic and Information Technology director.