Required Action Items | Guide to Web Standards | Kent State University

Required Action Items

To support recruitment and retention, it is required that Kent State University’s academic units include standard call-to-action items on their websites in this order:

Administrative Units

Administrative units have the option to exclude, if not applicable

Standard Templates standard templates include:

  • Minimum of three Action Items
  • Maximum of six Action Items


Colleges must include:

  1. Find Majors & Degrees
  2. Schedule Visit (only if department-specific visits are offered and information is captured in Hobson’s)
  3. Apply Now
  4. Why xxx? - optional, but if academic area is narrow, highly recommended
  5. Schedule advising appointment

Career Opportunities (Career Services Block)

  • Median Salaries
  • Internships
  • Alumni Success
  • Facts & Figures
  • Optional, alternate placement: home page infographic

Drupal Example

  • URL structure for Google Analytics monitoring: 
    • DSCI
    • CAE

Academic Programs/Departments

Academic Programs/Departments must include:

  1. Schedule Visit (only if program/department-specific visits are offered and information is captured in Hobson’s)
  2. Apply Now
  3. Why xxx?
  4. Schedule advising appointment

Additional Required Inclusions:

  • Study Abroad & Online Learning information, if offered
    • Location of button or content is optional
  • Required classes links on academic program pages
    • Note this label works much better than roadmaps with prospective students
  • Breadcrumbs, location optional for custom designs