Information Graphics

Information Graphics are used throughout Kent State websites to call out points of pride and facts about the university or specific university programs. Graphics are hyperlinked to areas of the website with more information about that fact. 

If you see a graphic you like, feel free to download that graphic to add to your site. 

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Featured Information Graphics

These graphics can be seen on Facts & Figures to get a better idea of how to display them.

University Highlights | Academic Excellence | Faculty Expertise | Student Overview | Athletic Points of Pride | Additional

University Highlights

Graphic Download (PNG)
Graphic of a gold trophy Best National Universities
Graphic of a gold ribbon Ribbon
Graphic of a white checkmark in a gold lock Safe Campus
Graphic of a gold dollar sign and cap Scholarships
Graphic of the globe in gold Worldwide

Academic Excellence

Graphic Download (PNG)
Graphic of a high-heeled shoe in gold Fashion
Graphic of a laptop and cap in gold MBA Online

Faculty Expertise

Graphics Download (PNG)
Graphic of a gold diploma with white text Degree
Gold graphic reading 'Patented' over a seal Patented
Graphic of a gold Pulitzer Prize Pulitzer Prize

Student Overview

Graphics Download (PNG)
Graphic of a crossed golden fork and knife Dining
Graphic of a yellow plane flying around a globe shaped into a location marker Plane Circling Globe
Graphic of a gold student wearing a cap and raising their hand Student
Graphic of a gold camera, book and tennis ball Student Clubs and Organizations

Athletic Points of Pride

Graphic Download (PNG)
Graphic of a white Flash mascot & Kent 'K' outlined in gold Flash logo
Graphic of a gold runner surrounded by a gold circle Runner
Graphic of a gold trophy cup surrounded by gold leaves Trophy


Additional information graphics


Graphic Download (PNG)
Gold infographic of a football player Athlete
A yellow star with a gold gold, football and basketball player Athletics
icon of a ribbon on a piece of paper

Best Graduate Education

Graphic of gold campus dorm with white doors and windows Campus Dorm
Graphic of two gold chat bubbles Chat
Graphic of a white checkmark inside of a golden embossed circle Checkmark
Graphic of two gold people communicating with gold speech bubbles and white text Communication Skills
An open book with three round dollar signs Costs
Graphic of a music note, a painter's palette and brush, and a film camera Culture
Graphic of gold phone with white text bubble containing gold numbers 911 Dial 911
A white dollar sign in a golden circle Dollar Sign
A dollar sign over a trending up arrow Economy
Graphic of a person with a book and briefcase Employee
Gold graphic of an employer with a white tie Employers
Graphic of an open hand with three dollar signs coming from it Finances
Graphic of a gold flag Flag
Graphic of gold piggy with white FSA letters FSA Piggy
Graphic of three yellow people in front of a blue and gold globe Global
Graphic of a person at a desk in front of a blue and gold globe Global Instruction
A circled A+ graphic Grades
A yellow plus sign instead of a golden circle Health
Graphic of gold hand raising flag High Score
Graphic of a person on a podium instructing two people, one with their hand raised Instruction
Graphic of a person on a podium in front of a yellow board Lecture
Graphic of gold hand raising flag LGBTQ
A golden plane circling a golden checkpoint Location
Graphic of illuminating gold light bulb held up by gold hands Make a Difference
Graphic of gold badge with white star Military Service
Gold laptop with a book and apple in the screen


Online Learning, Teaching and Working

Graphic of gold arm lighting gold weight Recreation
Graphic of gold shield with white checkmark Safety
Golden atom graphic Science
Graphic of a golden M-F schedule with blue checkmarks Schedule
Graphic of a hand moving over a screen Screen
Graphic of a person speaking on a podium Speaker
Golden stadium graphic



Gold house with a white heart next to gold text reading "thank you for staying home"


Stay at Home

Graphic of a gold stethoscope with a gold dollar sign Stethoscope
Graphic of gold student raising arm with two gold students sitting behind Students
Graphic of three gold open textbooks overlapping each other Textbooks
Graphic of a round, golden tree Tree
Graphic of a clock, two people, and a student with a teacher. All three are connected in a circle



Graphic of gold hand raising Pride flag Volunteer
Graphic of a runner, a water bottle and a tennis ball Wellness
Graphic of a wine glass and a cluster of grapes