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Siteimprove Web Monitoring

Siteimprove provides the functionality to monitor broken links, misspellings and more for your site to keep it free from embarrassing errors.

The Siteimprove Quality Assurance tool provides the functionality to monitor broken links, misspellings and more for your site. Siteimprove is a third-party product that automatically performs some of the most time consuming tasks in website maintenance, saving you time, while improving the quality of your website. With Siteimprove, you can:

  • Locate and fix broken links
  • Locate and correct misspelled words
  • Locate phone numbers and email addresses to ensure contact information is correct and up-to-date
  • Ensure that your site is adhering to university style
  • Test your site to ensure that it's in line with accessibility standards
  • Get a complete inventory of your website so you know exactly which email addresses, phone numbers, documents, media files, etc. are on your site


Accessibility Module

Siteimprove has also has an Accessibility Module. It is key that we keep user accessibility in mind for those who may be using screen readers and other assistive technology.  A few easily overlooked settings can make the difference between users being able to easily access your content or not. Additionally, there are legal implications for sites that do not comply with accessibility requirements, so your attention to your site’s accessibility through Siteimprove is encouraged.


How to Use Siteimprove

The company offers video tutorials on how to use the tool to monitor your sites quality assurance, accessibility and search engine optimization efforts.  Web Team also offers Web Tools training and Open Lab sessions.

Siteimprove Video Tutorials   Register for Training or an Open Lab

How do I get access to Siteimprove to monitor my website?

If you need to have an account setup, please submit a support ticket.