Web Editor Reference Guide

This web page provides at-a-glance suggestions, tips and guideline reminders that all Kent State web editors should become familiar with.

Copy Tips

University Style, Date, and Time Guidelines
  • Ampersand (&)
    • University style uses “and,”  not an ampersand unless an ampersand is part of the proper name of a nonuniversity entity or if it is being used as a navigation or  design element in the website
    • Use "and" — avoid & (ampersand) — in names of Kent State programs, offices, departments, schools, colleges and divisions.
  • Emails
    • Kent state email address, email is one word and all lowercase.
  • Phone numbers
    • xxx-xxx-xxxx (use hyphens, not parentheses).
  • Day/time treatment
    • 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
    • 8:15 a.m. – noon.
    • noon is not capitalized.
  • Date/month treatment
    • January 2010 (not abbreviated without a date).
    • Jan.  15, Feb. 21, March, April, May, June, July, Aug. 22, Sept. 23, Oct. 31, Nov. 11, Dec. 12 (abbreviated with a date).
University Lingo
  • Advisor
    • Use the -or ending, not –er
  • Catalog
    • Referenced as catalog, not graduate catalog or undergraduate catalog.
  • Eight-campus system
    • Copy should be eight-campus system, not eight campus system, 8-campus system or 8 campus system.
  • FLASHcard
    • Not flashcard, flash card, flash-card, FLASHCard, flashCARD, or FLASHCARD.
  • FlashLine
    • Not flashline, flash line, flash-line, FLASHLine, FLASHline, flashLINE or FLASHLINE.
  • Kent Core
    • Not Kentcore, Kent core, or Kent-core.
  • Kent State ID Number
    • Not Kent State ID # or other variation.
  • KSU
    • When referring to the university, avoid KSU. Spell out Kent State University in first reference, and then use Kent State or university in subsequent references.
    • When university is used alone to mean Kent State University, it is in lowercase.
  • Preview KSU!
    • Exclamation point required.


Building Names


Correct Incorrect Notes
The John Elliot Center for Architecture and Environmental Design The Center for Architecture and Environmental Design   
Ritchie Hall Oscar Ritchie Hall (One-name policy for named halls)
Schwartz Center Michael Schwartz Center (One-name policy for named halls)
Lefton Esplanade Esplanade  
McGilvrey Hall   (Frequently misspelled)
MACC Annex Gym Annex  
University Library Main Library or Library (For the name of the building)
MAC Center MACC or M.A.C.C.  
Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) SWRC (No acronyms)
University Auditorium in Cartwright Hall Cartwright Auditorium  
Kiva KIVA (Not capitalized)
Department Names

On first reference, full department names are written out in entirety and capitalized (i.e., University Relations and Development). On second reference, it may be shortened and lowercased (i.e., development).

Recent Department Name Changes

Departmental Name Changes

Correct Incorrect
The Department of Earth Sciences Department of Geology
Department of Sociology and Criminology Department of Sociology
The Office Of Strategy Management - Under the Division of Academic Affairs Enrollment Management Operations & Administration - Division of Enrollment
Graduate College Division of Graduate Studies

Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship
- second reference: Ambassador Crawford College
- acronym: ACCBE 

College of Business
Fraternity and Sorority Life Greek Life
Information Technology Information Services
Office of University Events and Protocol Office of University Ceremonies
School of Peace and Conflict Studies Center for Applied Conflict Management
Leadership, Department Name and Location Changes

Read press releases that contain information that may need updated on your website. Mark your calendar to make the change within a week of the change.

Division administrators should review the University Leadership site every semester to confirm the information is up-to-date.

If a department name or location changes please notify Web Team by submitting a support ticket, and select “Website Name Change or New Website Request” from the Request Type Details section.