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Kent State University's online directory helps you find services, departments and people.

Your name, title and department come from Academic Personnel (for faculty) or Human Resources (for staff). This is the "official" university record for each individual. Your name and department cannot be changed on this directory. However, some people may prefer to use a nickname, functional title, or work in more than one department. The online directory can accommodate these preferences.

How to Update the Online Directory

How Searches Work

  • Searching on a Name:
    Enter your desired search criteria in any one or more of the fields offered. It is not necessary to completely enter a name. Entering a last name of "smi" will produce a listing of last names beginning with "smi" to be displayed, e.g., Smith, Smithereen, and Smile. You only need to complete one field — it is not necessary to complete all the fields offered. Completing more than one field narrows down your search. You may receive very long search results if you enter less than three characters in only one field, however, by scrolling down to the bottom of the screen, you can go to the next page by clicking on either the page number, or the "more" link.
  • Searching for Faculty:
    When searching for a faculty member, you should be aware that faculty members are listed with their academic departments and not by campus. In other words, if you want to contact a professor of English at the Stark Campus, search for the professor under the Department of English listing. There you will find all instructors of English listed alphabetically with their respective campus information. If you wish to find a particular faculty member and you know the spelling of his/her name, you may be more successful by searching on a name, as indicated above.
  • Searching for a Student:
    Restricted to university community members, login via FlashLine

Contact Information

Problems or questions should be emailed to Lin Danes.