Update Online Directory Departmental Listings

There are two types of department listings, official and unofficial. Official names are maintained by the Controller's Office and are the official names in Banner. Unofficial department listings may be changed by a designated person in your department. To get access, please email Lin Danes.

After receiving permissions, follow these instructions to update the information in an unofficial department listing.

  1. Log in to FlashLine
  2. Click on Employee link in left-hand blue bar
  3. Choose Employee Dashboard
  4. Find the Top Employee Resources channel and choose Employee Profile Dashboard
  5. Choose Campus Directory
  6. Click the link Department Directory Update
  7. Select your department's name and make needed corrections, updates, add and subtract sub departments etc.
  8. Submit the changes

Official Listings

The drop down arrow will list the official department names as they appear in the Banner database based on org codes. These names are maintained by the Controller’s office.

Official Online Directory Listing Screenshot

Unofficial Listings

The unofficial directory will list more specified departments within the official department listing. For example, Accounts Payable is not an official department title; it is a department within the Controller’s office. You will find both Accounts Payable and the Controller’s office listed in the unofficial department listing.

Unofficial Online Directory Screenshot