Kent State Home Page History

Here's a look back at variations of, since just the late 1990s:

Kent State on the Web: The First Generation

Let's Get Visual: Second Generation

A Not-So Distant Relative: Third Generation

May 2006: Fourth Generation

June 2006: Fifth Generation

(Showing primary navigation prior to the January 2007 adjustment, where the gold bar transitioned to a horizontal placement.)

January 2007: Sixth generation with gold-bar navigation

September 2009: Seventh generation with sitewide navigation and larger billboard image

May 2014: Eighth Generation with Responsive Design


January 2017: Ninth Generation with New Brand Design

August 2018: Tenth Generation - New Website Home Page and University-wide Masthead

Screenshot of August 2018 Kent State homepage


March 2024: Kent State Today Integration

small thumbnail image showing the Kent State homepage update for March 2024