June Drupal Newsletter

The following June Drupal Newsletter contains the latest user-related updates to Kent State University's content management system (CMS) Drupal - some updates mentioned are time sensitive and may need your attention. Additional information on editing sites in Drupal, can be found in the Drupal Training Manual. Training in the CMS is available, in addition to training on other topics. 


Topics found in this edition

  1. FlashLine Login
  2. Profile Enhancements
  3. News Archive
  4. Events Display
  5. Video
  6. Logging Out of Drupal
  7. Headshots
  8. Web Accessibility

FlashLine Login Will Change Slightly

Just a heads up. Next week, when you access FlashLine from any Kent State Website, the link will take you to a secondary screen vs. opening a pop-up window. This is intentional and will help us improve web accessibility for all visitors.

Profiles Enhancements

View for Filtering on Faculty and Staff by Job Classification

You do not need to take action; this functionality will automatically on any group profile page allowing your end users the ability to sort.

Image Size

Reminder: Please size profile headshots to 500 x 750 pixels.

Other Enhancements Still Coming

We know we still need the ability for profiles to live in two places, a solution to office location, placeholder image and we need an eventual solution to allow individuals to edit their own profiles.

Archive News View Available

  • If you are interested in the ability to have a news archive page, you are now able to do so by year, for example 2015, 2014, 2013, all years.
  • For support, contact Anne Palmieri.

Have Upcoming Events Posted to Your Website?

You can now request a view be created to display only those upcoming events on a page for your users. This will allow users to just see upcoming activities.

One of the Enhancements Coming Later This Month

Improved Controls When Viewing Video Galleries

Users will be able to better control video viewing.

Our Requests of Drupalites

Please Log Out!

  • To lower system resources, Information Services has requested web editors log out of Drupal when they finished making updates.
  •  Simply select Log Out from the options available when you select your user name in the black menu bar.

Update Your Headshot and Encourage Your Colleagues to Do So

  • If it has been more than five years since your last headshot, it is time for a new one! 
  • To schedule your appointment, contact University Communications & Marketing’s photography team at 330-672-8500 or photo@kent.edu.
  • Also, when adding profile head shots to your departmental profiles, please size to: 500 x 750 pixels.

Top Web Accessibility Issues You Should Address When Working on Your Website

Images & Videos

  • Images should not be used as buttons or links. 
  • When used, images should have ALT text on them at all times to provide equal information for those individuals who use screen readers.
  • Transcripts or closed captioning must be provided for videos. 


  • Avoid using generic non-descriptive links such as “Click Here” and “Read More,” especially if they are displayed multiple times on a page. 
  • Instead use descriptive links, such as “View Degree Requirements” and “Learn More About Admissions."


  • Tables should not be used for layout purposes; use for non-tabular data.
  • Always select row one as your header row and define it in table properties.
  • Use section headings (Heading 2, Heading 3, etc.) as architecture elements to separate sections. Do not use these as aesthetic design elements to outline sections of text on pages. Visually impaired visitors will use these to jump to specific sections. 
  • Avoid using bold in lieu of heading styles. If the intent is a new section, use a heading style. 
  • Heading styles should descend down the page based on content nesting. 

Uploaded PDFs and PowerPoints

  • PowerPoints should not be uploaded.
  • PDF documents should have an equivalent web page in HTML.
  • PDF files should only be used for forms or documents that are meant to be printed. 
  • Add (PDF) to the end of link name that lead to PDF files to alert the site visitor prior to clicking. 

Accessibility Resources

Questions, comments?

Email Lin Danes for triage with UCM web team and Information Services web presence group.

POSTED: Thursday, June 4, 2015 - 2:26pm
UPDATED: Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 4:18pm
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