SOFT CONTENT FREEZE: Lifted Early; Will Reoccur

Hi, Drupalites,

We hope you are enjoying this fall weather. We are sharing important updates about the Drupal 9 (D9) project.

Our Division of Information Technology's web presence group and the Division of University Communications and Marketing's web team continue to work toward ensuring the best possible website quality when Drupal 9 arrives. We know it won’t be pixel-perfect, but the teams are working to deliver a solution with minimal issues – and one that doesn’t require our webmasters to rebuild their websites.

As we recently communicated, the D9 launch date had been delayed. That delay has been extended, which will allow you time to review your website prior to the transition. 

Next Steps

  1. This initial soft content freeze has been temporarily lifted and you may begin editing.
  2. Feel free to make changes you were holding during this time. 
    1. However, if possible and you are planning a larger undertaking, please reach out to Lin Danes to discuss best timing. 
    2. If possible, please minimize work using the “Custom This Page” feature. 
  3. An additional soft content freeze will be required at a later date. Please continue to monitor your email for updates.
  4. As mentioned, we will be reaching out to offer you the opportunity to review your website prior to the transition to Drupal 9
    1. This will allow you the opportunity to report any issues that we may need to prioritize and resolve. We'll be sending more information about this opportunity.

Please email Lin Danes with any questions. She can help triage your inquiry with the team to find the answer you need.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and cooperation.

Web team
Amy Balsinger, Applications Developer
Jared Boehm, Senior Manager, IT
Lin Danes, Director of Web Services
Rob DiVincenzo, Senior Applications Developer
Doug Flower, Digital Accessibility Specialist, DoIT
Tyrone Fontaine, Web Designer
Alison Haynes, Digital Accessibility Compliance Coordinator, DoIT
Alex Herbers, Web Designer
Eddie Lampert, Student Web Support Specialist
Tim Priester, Web Designer & Services Lead
Michael Selinksy, Student Web Support Specialist
Sara Smith, Digital Strategist and Technologist

POSTED: Friday, November 4, 2022 12:39 PM
Updated: Friday, November 4, 2022 12:39 PM
Web Team