Before You Apply

Discuss Before Applying

If you are interested in Kent State University at Ashtabula’s College Credit Plus program, you should discuss these items with both your school counselor and your parents prior to applying for admission. It is important that you have a good understanding of your school district’s policies, as well as the policies of the college you choose to attend.

Discuss with Your School Counselor

  • What classes do I still need in order to graduate from middle/high school? What college courses can I take to fulfill these middle/high school requirements?

  • How does my middle/high school define full-time enrollment? How many classes between the middle/high school and the college must I take to be eligible for sports?

  • For what reasons would I have to reimburse my middle/high school for the cost of my College Credit Plus courses?

  • What are my options for meeting my middle/high school requirements if I fail a College Credit Plus course?

  • Do you believe I am ready for the academic and social challenges of college-level courses? What do you recommend as an appropriate number of college courses for me?

Home School and Non Public School students

Home school and nonpublic school students are welcome to participate in College Credit Plus!

Discuss with your Parents & Family

  • How will I get to and from campus, especially when the weather is bad?

  • Can I take classes earlier or later than normal school hours?

  • Will I be working or participating in extracurricular activities, and will I have time for the more rigorous demands of college-level courses?

  • Am I ready to accept the responsibility and independence that the college classroom demands? Will I participate actively in class and attend regularly?

  • Do I possess the social and emotional maturity necessary to engage in classes designed for and attended by adult students?

  • Am I comfortable with the “academic freedom” granted to college professors to choose course materials, create their own grading scale, establish classroom policies, etc.?

  • Am I prepared to keep my family informed of my academic progress since the university will not do that for me?

  • Am I comfortable with the impact my College Credit Plus grades will have on my middle/high school grade point average, future scholarship opportunities and college admission? Am I comfortable with the grades I earn as a College Credit Plus student being used to determine admission into selective or competitive majors?

  • How will I pay for failed or withdrawn classes?

  • If I am concerned about transferring College Credit Plus credits to another university, when should I contact or visit that university to discuss transfer?

  • Do I understand the college credit hours I earn now will be taken into consideration when determining my academic progress and eligibility for federal financial aid programs?

  • Do I understand that the subject matter of a course enrolled in under the College Credit Plus program may include mature subject matter or materials, including those of a graphic, explicit, violent, or sexual nature, that will not be modified based upon College Credit Plus enrollee participation regardless of where course instruction occurs?

  • Do I possess the social and emotional maturity necessary to engage in classes designed for and attended by adult students?

Enrollment Options:

  • On campus

  • Online

  • At your high school

See Participating High Schools