Jaelyn "JB" Brown '24

Jaelyn “JB” Brown is a senior Communication Studies major using communication to expand her passion for diversity and inclusion. 

Through her numerous on campus activities, JB has not only enhanced her communication and networking skills, but has also grown an initiative and passion for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. She works as a Desk Assistant for housing that allows her to communicate and work with all types of students who may need assistance. As a K/T Navigator, JB was able to mentor incoming students of color and offer advice as they anxiously enter their first year of college. JB is also involved with the student organization CHAARG as a DEI Committee Member and Small Group Coordinator, allowing her to further grow her passions and strengths.  

After graduating, JB hopes to work as a traveling communications specialist or a consultant, pairing excellently with her strongest skills.

“My favorite thing about Communication Studies is that I can do anything with the degree and that I will never be limited with this major!” 

JB has a minor in Public Relations. Her favorite classes have been Difficult Decisions in Communications, Intro to Human Communication, Fundamentals of Media Messages.